Hoarding in the year 2087

By | January 3, 2016

I’ve been playing Fallout 4 now for about 2 months and in that time the game has turned me in to a hoarder and an addict. Every time I go on a mission, I take everything I can possibly carry from the Raiders & Super Mutants I slay to everything I find in demolished houses,  factories, shacks or anything else that stores junk, apparel, weapons, ammo or health aids. Oh, and if I find some military grade duct tape or wonderglue…OMG, I’ve hit the mother load!

Vault Boy Checking the Mushroom Cloud

Fallout 4’s Vault Boy

I grab everything I can scavenge and when I have more than I can carry, I transfer as much of my junk and apparel to my companion Dogmeat that he can carry and then I continue to load up again. When I have maxed out again,  I will find a cabinet, trash can or box as close to the local spawn point,  transfer just enough of my loot so that I’m able to fast travel to my home in Sanctuary. When I get there, I immediately unload Dogmeat and quickly store everything. I then fast travel back to my stash, hoping it hasn’t and already been stolen, load it all up and return home. On a couple of kidnap rescue missions, I’ve even used the kidnapped person that I’ve rescued as a mule to haul some of my loot knowing I’ll catch up to them later & be able to retrieve it all. It’s a good thing there are cabinets and other storage containers at my home. I’d hate to see it all scattered about my house.

I’ve also managed to collect 10 power armor suits and enough pieces for another 2, as soon as I find the exoskeletons to add them to. That’s silly because I only ever use my best built one until I find a better one.

The addiction is not the chemical aids within the game, although that is part of the game play, but it’s playing the game itself. Playing Fallout 4 is very consuming. I sit down to play for a half an hour and the next time I look up it’s been 4 hours. There is so much to do in this game, so much to see… there’s just never enough time. Even as I write this now, in the back of head I can’t help but think “This is time I could be playing…” Sad.

I’ve recently heard about a Russian man who is trying to sue Bethesda, the company responsible for creating Fallout 4, because he became so addicted to playing it that he neglected everything else in his life. The dumbass lost his job and his wife left him. Although I can understand how someone could become so involved in playing Fallout 4 that it’s difficult to break away, there’s no way his lawsuit goes anywhere. Own your shit buddy. If you can’t carry it all, maybe Dogmeat will carry some of it for you.

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